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I recently left the world of freelance for a job in an office. Love the work. Love the people I work with.

Hate the fact I’m not working in my basement any more. Hate the fact that I have to pack A LOT OF ACTIVITY into the weekends, activities I used to be able to spread out during the week. When you work for yourself in the basement, your time is truly your own.

When you work for a company, your time belongs to them. Such is the sacrifice we make for a regular paycheck with decent health benefits…

Thus I found myself last Saturday with two little girls and a vast list of chores to accomplish. And what I REALLY wanted to do more than anything was get a manicure so that I would look kind of groomed when I participated in a major client presentation the following Tuesday.

In dropping off my dry cleaning, I realized the nail salon was open ahead of schedule. I took a peak inside, and they said they’d polish my daughters’ nails for just $3.

A price point I could NOT resist.

Nora was gung-ho from the get-go.

Lindsey, usually the fearless one, wanted to stick to me. But when she saw the darling little flowers the manicurist had put on Nora’s nails, she wanted some of that for herself.

And thus I found myself having a mani-party with my daughters. I loved it. I never had the chance to get a manicure with my mother; but I’ve already had the chance to beautify myself with my girls.

It was a blast. An investment in a manicure that reaps enormous dividends in my memory. Looking forward to doing it again…


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Like much of motherhood for me, Halloween 2009 has come and gone with a pace that left me breathless, with not even a moment to snap a pic of my trick-or-treaters. So fast that it seems almost like a dream…

My 4th grader (Alien) went off with his friend Sandro (Yellow Power Ranger.) Sandro’s dad wanted to trick-or-treat with his next-door neighbor, a man who happens to have a 4th-grade girl (Hermione).

As you can imagine, the 4th grade girl wanted some girl power to hang out with, so she persuaded two girlfriends from outside our immediate neighborhood to join her (Harry Potter – no gender bias here! And Pebbles.)

Thus, I sent off Aidan to trick-or-treat with a co-ed group of class-mates this year. A first. But parent-driven this time around. Was curious to see how that would play out.

My girls (two witches, again!) hooked up once again with their girlfriends (Lion and Batgirl).

I dropped Aidan off at the Yellow Power Ranger’s house – and then the race for treats began.

Good God those girls were fast! The other two moms quickly fell behind, answering the needs of the younger siblings. There was no way 3 yr old legs could keep up with the swift pace set by the kindergartners.

Throughout the night, I would race past clusters of families that had children who moved at a leisurely pace. I seriously have no idea what that would be like. Since my son (my alien!) learned to walk about 9 years ago, I’ve been bellowing loudly at the top of my lungs, “WAIT FOR ME!”

Such are the perils of bringing three speed racers into the world.

And of course my girls have found friends who can match their speed.

Half-way into the race, we came across the co-ed group of 4th graders – conspicuously missing the two boys. Sandro’s dad wondered if I’d seen the boys. I had seen, some moments earlier, the Alien and the Power Ranger taking a break from trick-or-treating by swinging on swings at the park. Was a relief to realize the boys and girls aren’t yet ready for the co-ed adventure. Glad to see the need for speed is totally missing in that area!

Halloween was fast-paced and furious fun. But over with a rapidity that left me exhausted!

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