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It was serendipity, I suppose, but the day after the 10th anniversary of Columbine, I found myself on a bus with a bunch of pre-k students on a field trip to see a community theater presentation of High School Musical.

Serendipitous because I brood about Columbine quite a bit, so the anniversary of the massacre left me feeling dark and tinged with sadness. Ten years have passed since Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went to school one day loaded with weapons and bombs. Seems hard to believe a decade separates us from that moment. The shock has not diminished. The question has not been answered.

What happened to turn those boys into killers?

Ten years ago, I was pregnant with my first child and Columbine gave me one of those reality checks no pregnant woman ever wants to experience.

Your child could go to school one day and die there.

Or worse, your child could go to school one day and murder more than a dozen people before killing himself. (more…)


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…High School Musical, that is – the community theater version. Yesterday, I was one of the chaperones on the montessori field trip to the theatre to see this show!

True confession: I love the film.

I know there are parents who think that it is awful to let small children watch the antics of high schoolers, but HSM reminds me more of the old-fashioned MGM musicals and less of the traditional Disney template of “mom/dad is dead and an awful woman wants to kill you” movies (as exemplified by Lion King, Snow White, Finding Nemo, Little Mermaid, etc.)

No one dies in HSM. People don’t dance like sluts. Love is chaste at East High. And there’s not one evil woman determined to kill anyone.

Kind of rare to find all these elements in a G-rated film these days.

And the songs have a nice beat that you can dance to….

So clearly, I was thrilled when informed that I would get to go. I was (at least) as excited as my daughters about this field trip.

It was a blast. I was surrounded by pre-schoolers watching community theater actors performing iconographic roles of Troy, Chad, Gabriella, Sharpay and the gang.

My daughters also enjoyed the performance, though maybe not as much as I did. We had prepared for the field trip by watching the movie and I got the feeling that Lindsey spent much of the play wondering where Zac and Vanessa were. The cast of actors in the stage version we saw were attractive, but did not possess the astonishing good looks of the actors in the film. For a small child, it was confusing to see different people play familiar roles.

When one of the actors came over during the finale to giver her a “high five,” she didn’t quite know how to respond. I showed by example, and she reluctantly slapped hands with him. Nora expressed gloom that he didn’t slap her hands.

Such were the sorrows of the field trip – thankfully, these are the kinds of sorrows that are easily shaken off.

I found the energy of the actors to be infectious. And I still find myself singing the catchy tunes out loud.

But I’ve been instructed by both of my daughters that there is no singing at school – at least by moms with awful singing voices….

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